adrift – 2019

adrift – 2018

adrift – 2017

Adrift, is a comment on how the important connections between the oceans, environment and humans are not being well managed but allowed to float unanchored, heading for disaster.  Adrift will be an engaging performance using improvised and choreographed/composed dance, music and visual arts to highlight, inform and raise questions about the complex relationships humans have with the oceans.  Adrift is being developed through three major stages.  An initial creative development using participatory design workshops at festivals was used to gain an understanding about how the Hobart community (including youth and Indigenous) value, use and feel about our oceans.  The second creative development combined vocabulary that explored how the fears, hopes and connections of Nelipot collective with the oceans with vocabulary developed by the Hobart community during the participatory design workshops and culminated in a showing in August 2017 (see photos below).  We are currently seeking funding to complete our final creative development and stage Adrift at a local Hobart venue and tour the final work in 2018.

Dancers/choreography: Tullia Chung-Tilley, Sarah Andrewartha, Emma Miley, Emmanuelle Decourty, Pema Choo
Musicians/composition: Andrea Breen, Emily Sheppard
Lighting/videography: PRISM Media House
Photography: Robert Vanhaeften, Rohan Tilley
Studio support: Industrie Performing Arts

seasons&reasons – 2016

The planet is warming and precarious. Hardly a day goes by without grim news: of rising sea temperatures and surges, extreme weather, bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef and diminishing species. This project is personal and public: weʼre worried for ourselves and the next generation and hopeful for humankindʼs capacity to create change. Responsibility for action and protection of endangered places and ecosystems, and all they represent, remains with us. Join with us in celebrating the planetʼs spectacular diversity, with music, dance, film and photography. Itʼs time to move.

Dancers: Robert Flehr, Tullia Chung-Tilley, Sarah Andrewartha, Emma Miley.
Deep Ground sound: Andrea Breen violin/viola, Gillian Marsden cello, Andrei Nikulinsky bass.
Photography & film: Arwen Dyer.
Actors: Rowan Tilley, Samson Clark, Tom Slater.
Composition & sound design: Andrea Breen.
Sound design in Chaos: Andrei Nikulinsky.
Costume: Deva OʼWheel.
Choreographers: Robert Flehr, Tullia Chung-Tilley & Sarah Andrewartha.
Concept & Producer: Andrea Breen.
Back stage: Suzy Manigian.